Tuesday, September 18, 2007

film film and more film

In preparations for the trip, I just completed a film order a little over $400. It will be shipped from NYC to Seattle, so I can only hope it doesn't get X Rayed a bazillion times.

One of the photographer's I assist, had given me some film to practice shooting my Mamiya 7. Today, the Hassid (sp ?) Jews were still celebrating whatever they do this time of year and still had some chicken crates out on the corner of Myrtle and Bedford. Yes, crates, with live chickens - they had them out Sunday early evening, and now its Tuesday afternoon. As I am walking to the laundromat, I shot a couple of frames of the poor things, yet I think I may have gotten some bird poo in my eye.

I leave Friday for San Francisco...farewell New York!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

...and the return to blogger

do you remember the days of disheveled.org or confusedandmisled.blogspot?
well, i have returned, but not as a hopeless and discouraged early 20 something.

this site will be devoted to sharing my journey halfway across the world.