Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday March 27 2009

  1. Got out of bed "early"
  2. Coffee and talked to PR and Keith via IM
  3. rearranged the apartment before AYI arrives, because she always manages to f*#k my stuff up
  4. Picked up an Egg Sandwich with Thousand Island dressing in between the two sandwich triangles.
  5. Walked to City Mart: Ketchup, Fiber Cereal imported from Australia, Hot Cocoa Mix, and 10 free range eggs = 195 kuai
  6. Walk to Veggie and Fruit Stand: 8 Potatoes, 1 jin (.5kilo) of Strawberries, 4 persimmons, 1 Red Pepper, 1 Pineapple (shaved), 2 Carrots, 2 bunches of spinach = 64 kuai (about 10 USD)
  7. Finally walk home
  8. AYI still here, damn it, clean eggs and veggies and fruits, slice up Carrots
  9. Walk to 85C and buy Walnut Chocolate cookies, a glutenous green thing with red beans, and a flat bread with all kinds of seeds on top : 20 kuai (about 3 USD)
  10. Between bakery and grocery, overhear 2 old chinese women talking about me, questioning if I was an American and going on about laowei's...and yes, they were speaking and mandarin...and yes, I can understand Chinese now.
  11. Grocery Store on the way home: 20 roll of toilet paper, 18 pack of pocket tissues, 2 Veggie "fragrant sausage" - its expiration day, 1.5 RMB off, 3 pack of Halls, Japanese milk treat, Sunflower seeds with Anise and Saccharin and all kinds of weird bad stuff = 53 kuai
  12. Make dinner
  13. Watch "Game Over"
  14. Bath to soothe aching shoulder
  15. Talked to cousin via IM
  16. Mandarin Homework with hot lemon/honey water and listening to the Fiery Furnaces and The Kills
  17. Jason plays Fallout
  18. Goodnight

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